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The Business:  

A long established commercial property company with more than 1,000 businesses calling a Bruntwood office their home.

The Long Term Relationship:  Bridge and Bruntwood enjoy a long-term relationship and have grown together over more than 25 years.  There is a genuine partnership approach and continuity of support.  Two of our Board Directors have worked with Bruntwood for the whole of the 25 years.  Bruntwood focus on the quality of the support they provide for their customers and an important part of our continuing relationship is our shared values in this area.

What we do for Bruntwood: 

We manage their entire property portfolio and have developed a bespoke insurance programme offering some of the widest cover in the market.  As Bruntwood’s needs have changed and their portfolio has grown we have regularly reviewed the design, structure and pricing of their insurance programme and kept it modern, relevant and value for money.

What Bruntwood say about us: 

Bruntwood have formed a long-term relationship with Bridge based on their excellent Client relationship management and service.  Bridge provide a totally professional approach, and have expertise in all aspects of insurance.  Combined with their market knowledge and relationships with all the major insurance companies, Bridge provide value added service in everything they do.  Bridge are one of Bruntwood's key suppliers, and we would be more than happy to recommend them.