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The Business:

The UK's largest supplier of outdoor and leisure clothing and a leading player in the European market.  Employing over 400 staff at its headquarters, Regatta exports to over 30 countries, with dedicated sales offices across Europe.

The Long Term Relationship:  We are delighted to have worked with Regatta as their professional advisers for more than fifteen years.  We have seen both our businesses grow and develop closer links over this time.

What we do for Regatta: 

Over the years we have handled all their claims, given them risk management advice, designed, changed and adapted their insurance programme as they have grown.  We have supported the insurance needs of their expansion into Europe including local coverage with our broker partners at Brokers Link and consistently delivered competitive pricing.  We have also provided a consistent team.  Two of our Board Directors have worked with Regatta for the whole of the time of our business association.

What Regatta say about us: 

The team at Bridge have, over the years, given us exceptional service.  Their staff are of the highest possible calibre, as is their ability to achieve great pricing.