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Bonds & Guarantees

Construction Bonds protect an employer against the failure of a contractor or supplier to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of the written contract (includes performance bonds, retention bonds, advance payment bonds).

Bonds and Guarantees are provided by banks or insurance companies to protect the Beneficiary for any direct loss or damage suffered due to a breach of contractual obligations by the client.

Why not rely on my bank?

How do you know that their charge is reasonable? How do you know that the provision of the guarantee won’t affect your other banking facilities?

The insurance and surety markets offer flexible, price competitive products and straightforward solutions with minimal administration. They can also free up lines of credit with the bank, improving your cash flow and liquidity and allow resources to be restricted and invested for the benefit of your business.

Why use Bridge Credit Risk?

As an independent specialist, Bridge has access to many insurers and surety providers. Our highly experienced team will strive to:

  • Understand your requirements and advise you on the most suitable products for your circumstances
  • Provide advice on bond wordings (and their impact on prices)
  • Advise you on what information will be required to secure the best quotes from insurers
  • Check the ratings and financial strength of our recommended guarantors
  • Bridge's client base ranges from small, owner-managed businesses to large international companies.

For more specific advice on how we can assist, please e-mail Steve HowellsDirector of Credit