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Fleet Management 

Allianz Insurance have highlighted a sharp increase in severity of theft claims for motor traders and fleet owers. Click here to find out more about why this increase is happening and what risk management steps can be taken.


Occupational Road Risk

With more than 1,700 people killed and over 22,800 injured in road traffic accidents in 2014, driving continues to be one of the most dangerous activities you can ask your employees to undertake.

We’ve teamed up with Cardinus, a leading health, safety and risk management specialist, to offer you a range of Occupational Road Risk solutions.

These include:

  • Corporate Audits and Reports
  • Driving at Work template policy and driver handbook
  • On-road Driver Training
  • Driver Assessor Training
  • Post Accident Interviews
  • Safe Driving Plus

To find out more about the services offered by Cardinus, contact your Bridge account executive on 0161 236 6969.